10 Local SEO Solutions That Will Boost Your Rankings in 2020

  • 13 February 2020
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It is safe to say that digital marketing is the lifeline of many businesses. Small business owners see the unlimited potential of investing in online marketing regardless of their business being online or at a brick-and-mortar location.

There are many tactics that businesses should be utilizing to boost their online presence. 

One focal point is local SEO solutions. Whether you have a physical location or a business that targets a specific demographic, SEO will get you noticed. 

Local search marketing can help a business reach a new audience. Brands will be amazed at the number of people within a 10-mile radius that don’t know their business exists. An effective marketing campaign will put you in front of that missed audience.

Do you feel invisible in your local market? Keep reading to learn about 10 local SEO solutions that will boost your rankings in 2020.

What are local SEO solutions?

What Are Local SEO Solutions?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you add local solutions to your marketing strategy you are placing an emphasis on a particular geographic location.

Local search marketing is typically for local businesses that service a local clientele. Yet, there are times when a business will invest in local SEO when there is no local business. These include conventions, trade shows, and festivals.

local seo solutions

1. Create a Mobile Responsive Website

Websites still play a pivotal role in business marketing. A mobile-responsive site means your site visitors will get the same experience whether they are viewing on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

It is nearly impossible to have an effective SEO strategy without a website. Most SEO techniques are born there. What you use on your desktop version will flow to the mobile site.

Optimizing web content with keywords, strong meta descriptions, and authentic content is what improves your local search algorithm. 

2. Get a Google My Business Graph

“Google me” was once a catchy phrase used by celebrities in response to disrespect. Now anyone who can verify they run a legitimate business or are a brand name by creating a Google My Business knowledge graph.

This is the content found in the right column of Google search engine pages when you search for a specific name or business. 

Google sends stats on your Google My Business ranking. It also provides tips on ways to improve your visibility.

3. Utilize Meta Descriptions

When you enter a search on Google, the return will provide a list of websites considered to be the most informative on the topic. Included in each suggested website is a brief paragraph that includes the keywords from your search.

This blurb is called the meta description. When you are incorporating your local SEO solutions on your website, make sure you include specific details in the meta description.

You only have two or three lines to get it right. Include your location and strong keywords for the product you are describing. 

4. Use Geotargeting

Geotargeting is a great tool to have in your local search marketing arsenal. This local SEO solution is perfect for local businesses because it targets mobile phone users by tracking their location.

Technology allows an ad to be sent to the user’s phone when they are in close proximity to a business by using demographic factors. Or, when they have performed a search on their phone. 

A good example is someone who has searched movie times. They may receive an offer from a nearby movie theater showing the movie they just Googled. The ad could also include a coupon for a free drink and popcorn.

5. Move to Social Media Business Pages

If you are using your personal social media pages for business, it is time to make the switch to a business page platform. Social media advances your SEO strategy by giving you a platform to showcase the website’s content.

There are various ways to incorporate social media. One is to have links on your website to all business pages.  

video marketing

6. Discover Video Marketing

Part of your social media strategy has to be the use of video. Video content is leading the way.  Whether you go live on your platforms or post prepared video, there are SEO techniques you can use to get the content noticed.

On your social platforms, you can boost your videos with paid advertising campaigns.

7. Try Google Virtual Tours 

Realtors and service-oriented businesses should be utilizing Google Virtual Tours. It is a visual rendering of a location. The video is incorporated into a Google My Business set-up.

If you own a spa, a virtual tour can demonstrate how luxurious the location is and showcase some of your products. A realtor can showcase a home to demonstrate the type of clientele they work with.

8. Create an Employee Advocacy Program

Employee advocacy is the technique of getting employees to speak favorably about your business without asking. The rewards program is used to thank them by using perks and incentives to encourage their free promotions.

This tool works for local SEO because people are more likely to use social media and review sites to talk about how great your services are.

9. Email Marketing is Not Dead

Many businesses still have not embraced email marketing. Probably because it was an added monthly expense. Now website builders are including email marketing. The local SEO solutions you use on your website will carry over to the email platform.

This has the potential to boost your open and click-through rates.

10. Create a Mobile App

Not every business needs a mobile app but if it will add convenience to your customers it is a great solution. Mobile apps are a condensed version of your website that includes access to customer accounts.

Using SEO techniques will help boost awareness about the app. 

give your business a boost

Give Your Business a Boost

Now that you have these 10 local SEO solutions it’s time to put them to work. Let 2020 be the beginning stage of your business’s rise in the search rankings. 

Let’s talk! Click here to share your goals and receive a free quote on our menu of digital marketing services.

Arnjen is the founder of Atastic and created the company when he noticed that there was a need for further development in the digital marketing industry. Arnjen started the agency to help website and digital product owners grow their business.

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