10 Must-Know SEO Tricks That Absolutely Work

  • 2 April 2020
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Have you ever spent days researching, crafting, and writing what you think is your best blog post ever?

But days and weeks later, you notice hardly anyone has read it?

This is a disappointing truth that even the best-written blog post doesn’t stand a chance of being found if you don’t understand SEO.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a series of best practice guidelines in the online space for ensuring your posts rank well in search engines, leading to high traffic, improved sales conversions, and more subscribers.

Keep reading to learn the top ten SEO tricks that will work to drive more traffic to your site. Incorporate these tips and methods into your blog posts to give your blog the best possible success.

improve site speed

1. Improve Your Site Speed

How long does it take your site to load? SEO is all about user experience, so if the user is waiting a long time for your page to load, this is a negative from an SEO perspective.

Improve your site speed by compressing the size of your images, using a quality web host, and making sure your site is designed to perform at optimum speed.

write meta descriptions

2. Write Helpful Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions tell search engines what your blog post is about. They should be succinct, accurate, and informative. Meta descriptions are the snippet displayed by a search engine underneath the name of your blog post, making them an important way of catching the user’s eye and enticing them to click on the post.

Having a well-written meta description can make a huge difference in whether or not a reader wants to read your post over another, so take the time to understand how they work.

active social media profiles

3. Have Active Social Media Profiles

Having an active social media following, while not officially an SEO factor, is considered by many an indicator to search engines that your content is of interest.

Social media marketing is an essential part of any business, so make sure your site is optimized for social media.

Make sure social share buttons are easy to find on each blog post, always share new posts across all your social sites, and ask questions and engage regularly with your audience online.

long form content

4. Write Long-Form Content

Long blog posts should be part of any SEO strategy. Longer articles are more comprehensive and are more likely to satisfy the reader’s need, leading search engines to look upon them favorably.

The average blog post in spots 1-5 on page one of Google has, on average, over 2,000 words, so consider aiming for this when writing new posts.

quality backlinks

5. Build Quality Backlinks to Your Site

Links back to your sites from other high-quality, established websites are a sign to Google that your site is trustworthy and has helpful content. Backlinks are a great way to improve SEO.

Writing guest posts for other sites is a great way to build up backlinks, but if you keep publishing consistent, informative content, you’ll notice backlinks start to happen organically.

Internal linking within your site is also important, so always include links to related posts when you publish a new post. Also, go back to old posts and add links to new posts on the same topic.

don't forget images

6. Don’t Forget About Your Images

We know beautiful, eye-catching images or graphics should be included in blog posts, but did you know you can also optimize them for SEO?

All the text associated with each image- the caption, file name, and alt text (the description of the image read by a screen reader) are opportunities to include keywords and related text to the topic of the article. If images are properly optimized, they create new chances for users to find your site.

use keywords

7. Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords, either long or short-tail, are what users are searching on Google or other search engines. By understanding the search intent behind the keyword, you can write posts that will answer the questions they’re looking for.

Keyword analysis can help you learn how to find competitive keywords that your site can rank for and where they should be placed in your article. Keywords should be used a few times in a blog, such as in a heading, in the title, and one or two times naturally within the text, but don’t overuse keywords. This is considered ‘keyword stuffing’ and negatively impacts SEO.

include video

8. Include Video

Users are drawn to video, especially on social media. While video works well to draw readers into your site from social media, consider also placing videos in your articles.

Make sure the titles and video descriptions are relevant and that the videos are to a high standard. If done well, video can increase the time spent on your page by engaging users, and videos on YouTube and social media can attract new users to your business.

be prepared for voice search

9. Be Prepared For Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is something all website owners should know about. Searching for things online via voice search rather than text is increasingly common, especially since so many use virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa for answers to our questions.

Help your site be found by voice recognition by having fast loading times and write your blog posts in a conversational tone, i.e. write in a similar way to the way you speak.

quality content

10. Write Quality Content

The number one thing to remember is that quality is always king. Write thoughtful, well-edited, and informative articles that are easy to read and keep users coming back for more.

Although articles should always be optimized for SEO, you’re still writing for humans, not just for search engines.

Find More SEO Tricks That Work

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