7 Common SEO Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

  • 2 April 2020
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You may think that everyone has heard of SEO already. However, up to one in four business owners don’t know anything about SEO. Many people have never even encountered the term before.

But, if you want to rank higher on search engines, then you need to know how to bolster your SEO. Without knowledge about SEO, you could walk into the most common SEO mistakes. 

Check out how the SEO mistakes you need to avoid in the blog post below. Let’s get started!

Trying to guess the best keywords

1. Trying to Guess the Best Keywords

Keywords are important if you want to rank higher on search engines. Putting your keywords in the right places can help your web page skyrocket to the top.

However, you can’t guess which keywords to use. You may be surprised by the kind of search terms people use to locate you on search engines.

You may use a keyword that is simply too generic to find you. Perhaps, you use a slogan that you mistakenly think people will use for your company.

Instead, you need to make sure you take advantage of the keyword tools, such as Google’s Keyword Planner.

creating poor quality content

2. Creating Poor Quality Content

The internet is already packed with poor quality content everywhere. You need to make sure you don’t simply contribute to this.

You might think that you only need to create content that connects with your audience on search engines. Don’t assume that the quality doesn’t matter.

Even worse, you could be simply copying content. This duplicate content won’t help your SEO strategy either.

When Google encounters duplicate content, you’ll be penalized on its search engine results pages. Focus on original and excellent content to win over search engines.

keeping your mobile unfriendly website

3. Keeping Your Mobile Unfriendly Website

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Since 2015, mobile searches have already surpassed desktop computer searches.

That’s why you don’t need to concentrate on making sure desktop visitors to your website are having a great experience. Your ranking on search engines will suffer if you don’t improve your mobile user experience.

If your webpage loading speed is too slow or the page doesn’t fit into the smartphone screen, don’t expect your users to stay around for long.

According to one survey, if your website doesn’t load within two seconds, people start to give up and leave your webpage.

ignoring the power of social media

4. Ignoring the Power of Social Media 

More than seventy-percent of Americans use social media to stay in touch with people. But, that’s not the only use of social media.

Many business owners wrongly think that social media and SEO are totally separate. Well, this is wrong.

Unless you take advantage of social media to boost your ranking on Google, you’re making a serious SEO mistake.

Remember, many social media platforms function as search engines. Your keywords can still pop up on everything from Instagram to Twitter.

You also need to connect with niche influencers in your industry. These people are able to promote your webpage by sharing it with their huge following.

You need to get as much attention for your webpage as possible. Social media is an important way to make some noise about your blog.

not using any web analytics

5. Not Using Any Web Analytics 

How do you know whether your SEO strategy is working or not if you don’t have any data? You need to collect the data to inform what you’re doing at all times.

You might use anecdotal evidence that you’re doing something right. Perhaps, you have suspicions that something isn’t working properly.

But, why keep this a guessing game. You need to track your webpage activity with web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.

This way you’ll know how your website is performing on search engines. This is crucial so that you can make clever decisions at the right time.

forgetting about your local seo

6. Forgetting About Your Local SEO

We’re increasingly used to thinking about everything globally. You might have your SEO prepared to optimize for search from around the world.

But, if you’re a brick and mortar business, then you need to focus on your local neighborhood more than anything.

This means that you need to clearly show through search engines where you’re located. Even use keywords that specify your city or region.

Don’t just concentrate on what is displayed on your webpages. You can also make use of business listings, such as Yelp. 

This is where you’ll be able to optimize for searches in your area. Don’t forget to include everything from phone number to address. 

attempting to get as many links as possible

7. Attempting to Get as Many Links as Possible

You have already heard that link building is important for SEO. This is an important method of building trust with your users and search engines.

When another webpage links to you, this shows that you’re a reliable source of information. This helps to boost your ranking on Google.

However, you shouldn’t simply focus on having as many links as possible. The quantity of the links isn’t actually relevant.

What matters is the quality of the links to your website. Rather than having numerous links from foreign gambling websites and strange adult webpages, focus on getting industry-relevant links.

what are the most common SEO mistakes?

What are the Most Common SEO Mistakes?

Are you kickstarting your SEO strategy? Make sure you don’t make any of these common SEO mistakes.

Without expert knowledge of how to boost your ranking on Google, you won’t be able to get everything right for your strategy.

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