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local seo solutions to boost your rankings

10 Local SEO Solutions That Will Boost Your Rankings in 2020

It is safe to say that digital marketing is the lifeline of many businesses. Small business owners see the unlimited potential of investing…
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is Google still top priority for your SEO efforts?

Is Google still the top priority for your SEO efforts?

For a long time, businesses of all shapes and sizes have had one SEO goal. They've walked into digital marketing agencies across the…
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ranking factors 2020

The Most Credible Ranking Factors in 2020

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with the idea of search engine optimization (SEO). While not overly complex, it is a broad…
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How to write good article for SEO

How to Write a Good Article for Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants to know how to write a good article. If you know how to produce high-quality web content for your online blog,…
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google maps restaurant

How to Get Your Restaurant on Google Maps

So, you've opened a restaurant and you're enjoying the success so far, but you're still looking for ways to promote your business. If…
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Google bert

Google BERT: What the update means for you

It’s that time of year again – Google is up to its old tricks and introducing shiny, new updates to its algorithms just…
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seo audit guide

Atastic’s guide to an SEO Audit

Every business with an online presence ignores SEO at its peril. We all know this, but what may not be clear is what…
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The dimension of Search Engine Optimization is massive with many diverse elements that we need to stress in order to properly formulate a…
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keyword research tips

Handy tips for Keyword Research, Analysis and Placement

The most fundamental part of a neat and well-designed search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is thorough keyword research. However, precise keyword analysis and…
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basics of seo

The Basics Of SEO

If you have climbed your way up here, you are most probably looking for a simple, easy and educative guide to grasp the…
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