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Transparant reports regularly

We provide you with systematic and uniform reports based on the assignments we undertake. These reports reflect an outline of your website’s current ranking, the changes in online traffic etc. The whole idea is to keep you updated with recent changes on your website. .

Recognition on Social Media

The fact that the social media image of a company influences its overall business is a well-accepted fact. Recognition on social media platforms serves as a gateway to accomplishment for any business. Association with us is not limited to just websites and webpages, it exceeds to social media as well. Our skilled team makes sure your business receives its due recognition on all social media platforms and captivate the online community.

Unhindered email support

To ensure a streamlined service transaction, transparency is an indispensable factor. With our consistent email support service, we ensure a plain-sailing flow of ideas and suggestions between us and our client. We are always ready to solve any query or complication our client is facing and try to resolve it swiftly.

International All Service Digital Marketing Agency

Looking to take your business to the online world of limitless opportunities? Then wait no longer, let us be your guide to the heart of online community.

Refraining a business from the digital world and restricting it to non digital means would only serve limited business performance. Moreover, hiring SEOs or digital marketing consultants, who lack the prerequisite expertise and knowledge would also provide a shallow growth to your business. So, mere hiring of SEO experts won’t bear any fruit, but hiring a digital marketing agency with a firm footing in the industry can certainly turn the tides in your favor. Unlike other SEO digital marketing agencies, Atastic team exhibits professionalism and fair expertise that extends to all our services. Our distinct approach and flexible services let us help you in numerous ways. Our USP lies in the unique design of our services we provide -

Custom Built Plan of Action

We acknowledge the fact that every client is unique with disparate business design and requirements. This calls for the need for flexible digital marketing design models that suits the needs of every client. Our custom-built digital marketing plans and strategies can be molded according to the client’s needs and business goals. It is the extension of our policy that we abstain ourselves from having fixed price models. It’s pretty obvious that we can’t fix a price on a dynamic service. The nature of digital marketing services is ever-changing and we take that into account completely. We adjust, remodel and reshape our services according to your suitability.

Hire SEO Experts

Most digital marketing agencies offer a limited frame of service which may limit your growth and offer unsatisfactory returns.

With Atastic’s copious services covering almost every range and aspects of SEO and online marketing, you can rest assured that your business growth won’t be hindered. Our range of Internet marketing services including Email Marketing, PPC( Pay Per Click) Management, CRO( Conversion Rate Optimization), Local SEO, and many more along the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Search Engine Submission Necessary?

We can’t slot Search Engine Submission under Necessary. As Google( and other search engines as well) uses crawlers or bots for scanning and indexing websites, this makes your website automatically visible to others without any manual effort.

Are Inbound Links Helpful?

Yes, inbound links are indeed beneficial for your website. Having smart placement of inbound links can ensure smooth scanning of your website by bots that index your website. This also helps users navigate easily through your website.

What are the ways to make my website more search friendly?

The simple answer to it is relevant content. In the end, all that matters is the quality of the content that you host on your website. You can make use of keywords to catch the attention of users and search engine bots. Try to research on industry-related topics and create content that catches the readers eye.

How much Does it cost to get our Webpage or website indexed?

Don’t get swindled by agencies claiming to get your site indexed for a price. If you have a website, it would automatically be indexed by the search engines according to the relevant search query. Google spiders are continuously crawling the web, indexing content updates, and new websites. Just make sure you allow Google and other search engines to index your web pages. Deploy a robots.txt file right away if you don’t already have it.

What is the Relevance of Blog on a Website?

Blogs are a part of the content on a website. If your website hosts healthy and informative blogs on a topic, it’s ultimately contributing towards healthy content which is good for a website. Blogs also help you build your readership, acquire customers and contribute towards the growth of your niche.

An active & informative blog is a win-win for your business, your followers and the search engines.

Other Crucial Information Related to SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a supplement for your website. It provides you the necessary fuel to reach your targeted followers, readers and customers. Backlink building and unique quality content are the two crucial ingredients of a successful SEO strategy. Acquiring backlinks becomes an easier task when we share unique, useful and entertaining content.