Law Firm SEO

A form of SEO with a structure based on the principles and methodology of the law domain. True, that may seem like a tangled and confusing terminology, but that’s just a brief premise of law firm SEO. n

With the world steadily marching towards the digital ideology, it becomes imperative for law firms to strategize their marketing means and channels that strikes the right chords with the online community. That’s where the law firms SEO comes into full-play practice. From ideating the thoughtfully relevant content to laying down all the favored digital marketing strategies on the table, it covers all the shades that are required to paint your law firm as a masterpiece in the online sphere.

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What is law firm SEO?

The premise of the law firm SEO revolves around maximizing your law firm’s online visibility by capitalizing on tried-and-true techniques to rank higher in the search results. Utilizing these techniques involve creating high-tier content, engineering a proper structure for your website, and promoting your sites on every channel possible.

Legal space is a competitive place, and employing SEO here is the rational choice. Optimizing the online rankings requires a fair investment of time and effort to build a well-structured online image for your law firm.

We're going to provide you with a lot of information. We'll try to teach you all the necessary aspects that can help your law firm rank higher in the online search results.

If you feel like you prefer a more easily digestable quick overview you can always take a look at our law firm SEO case study

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How to Find Your Law Firm’s Google Positions?

More than 90% of the online users seeking a particular service give preference to online search. This means it becomes imperative for a firm or enterprise to rank higher on search results and yes, that includes law firms as well.

Before opting for any SEO strategy, it is crucial to evaluate your existing online position and ranking. Your positions can help you get a clear idea about your current performance on various keywords and might help you highlight key areas that require immediate improvements.

Techniques to Find Your Google Positions for Free


You can check your search engine ranking position quickly and easily with SERPROBOT. This tool allows you to find your overall search engine ranking both easily and swiftly. Although it’s new in the market, it can definitely assist you in evaluating your online ranking on any particular search engine. The data it delivers extends to providing you with all the necessary details on the keywords you can list on and the ones you already rank on.

Keyword Position Checker

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bsolute simplicity is what defines the design of this tool. This tool allows you to check your site's ranking on 20 different keywords in a single check. You just need to type in your website’s URL, your desired keywords and select the search engine you wish to rank on. Keyword Position Checker will then run its analysis and provide you with a reliable and comprehensive data pertaining to your ranking on specified keywords. The user-friendly design allows all this to be done with a simple button click.


Another important free search engine ranking analysis tool. This tool also performs the dual function of calculating your website’s overall ranking on a particular search engine while also assisting you with your keyword ranking position. To put it simply, it allows you to undertake comprehensive research on your website’s ranking.

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How can Lawyers and Law Firms Benefit from Search Engine Optimization?

For anyone who requires legal services, the first and foremost place they opt for is a search engine like Google. Around 90% of searchers won’t go past the first page of search results, this indicates that it is of prime importance for your law firm to rank higher in search results and that requires the help of Search Engine Optimization. In today’s era, SEO can be easily regarded as a fundamental marketing strategy that any firm seeks to get well-equipped with.
“Around 90% of searchers won’t go past the first page of search results”

Imbuing best SEO practices into your law firm website can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd and help you gain an edge against your competitors in the legal market.

To help you better understand the benefits of employing lawyer SEO, we have listed a few perks of using legal SEO.

Benefits of ranking your law firm website on top pages:

Increase In Overall Market Position
The higher you rank in search results the more established your law firm would become in the market. The reason for this is, people often perceive higher-ranked law firms as more reliable, trustworthy and professional than those ranked lower or on the second page. So, how can you achieve this established market position for your law firm? Through tried and truly efficient and effective SEO tactics.

More Relevant And Targeted Traffic
While some people use search engines for solving a general query or are unsure of what to search, many visits a search engine know what exactly they’re looking for. By accurately optimizing your website for specific targeted keywords in your niche, you will make yourself more widely available for this kind of targeted traffic. By effectively optimizing your website for search, you’ll be able to far surpass your competition and reach the right people. Remember, there’s traffic and there’s relevant traffic. It’s the latter that you must always seek.

Rise In Prospective Clients
With efficient lawyer SEO employment, you gain access to more prospective clients that reach out to you. This significantly increases the chances for you to convert them into paying clients. Not to mention, with SEO bringing the right business to you, you can invest more time to focus on other areas of your business like in-person client interactions, formulating law firm seo case study strategies, etc. With Legal SEO at your side, you can relieve yourself from creating and maintaining hassling marketing techniques for your law firm.

Promising Returns
The legal space consists of a fiercely competitive atmosphere, so a half-balked marketing strategy can prove fatal to your firm. But with a systematic investment in SEO, you will be able to get ahead of your competition by a fair margin. By making a fair comparison between the offline marketing strategies and the law firms SEO, it’s the former that involves high monetary investment and that too with a promise of limited returns, while the latter offers higher ROI at a meager cost.

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Difference between SEO for Lawyers, Law Firms & Regular SEO?

Legal SEO or SEO for law firms may seem identical to a regular SEO, but when we start to scratch the surface, it’s a whole different story altogether. True, here too, our motive is to boost up the online ranking of the law firms, but the end motive can’t serve as a concrete definition. The areas we need to consider and the grounds we need to work on while employing lawyer SEO greatly contrasts with that of a regular search engine optimization.

As opposed to a generic SEO, under legal search engine optimization, we target areas that are unique to the legal and law industry. From keywords to competition analysis, everything is narrowed down to areas that are exclusive to the law sphere. That’s one of the major differences that separate the law SEO from the regular crowd. n

Understanding this difference can really help in formulating a good marketing strategy for your law firm using lawyer SEO as this will assist you in stressing more in the areas specific to the legal background. However, understanding this difference is at times tricky for some. n