Starting From Scratch: 10 Tips to Build a Following When You Have No Social Media Presence

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How do you get lots of followers when you have no social media presence?

It can seem daunting, but remember that even the biggest social media influencers started with no followers or subscribers.

Using social media is an effective part of your online marketing strategy. Growing your followers consistently with intentional actions can help you promote your business.

Here are 10 tips for growing your social media presence when you’re starting from scratch.

Set goals

1. Set Goals

You know you want to grow a social media following, but digging down to a more specific goal helps you create an effective social media strategy. 

Possible goals include:

  • Building a supportive community around your niche
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Increasing sales
  • Creating loyal fans and brand advocates
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Providing customer service in a different format
  • Establish yourself as an expert in the field

You might have more than one goal for your social media strategy. But you need to know why you’re growing your page, so you can shape your posts to meet those goals.

The SMART goal method helps you put those goals into action. It stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Define your audience

2. Define Your Audience

Focusing your social media efforts on your target audience helps you grow your following faster.

Some marketers try to appeal to everyone, but you’ll often get better engagement when you tailor your posts to a specific audience. These are the people who want to engage with your business because they have an interest in or need for what you do.

If you have an existing business, consider your customer profile. Then, think about what that ideal customer wants.

Whenever you create content for your social media platform, make sure it’s something that type of person would want to see or find interesting.

Optimize your profile

3. Optimize Your Profile

If someone new sees your post, they’ll likely check out your profile. Does yours do a good job of attracting people and letting them know what your page is about?

Your profile on social media platforms allows you to brand yourself.

Use the image options for professional photos that fit your branding. Visuals command attention, so you want to use those spots effectively.

Many platforms let you choose your industry. Select the closet option so the right type of people find you.

Create a catchy description that also makes it clear what your business does. If people can’t figure out why your page exists, they might not stick around.

Using keywords in your profile can also help people find you. Do keyword research to find suggestions.

Know what works on the platform

4. Know What Works on the Platform

Each platform is a little different in the types of posts that perform well.

Instagram focuses heavily on the visual. Hashtags are also very important.

Twitter uses short, concise text to get your point across.

Facebook allows for longer posts, but it’s also full of businesses competing for attention. Over 140 million companies are on Facebook. Setting yourself apart with appealing photos and engaging text helps you grow faster.

Because of the differences, it’s often best to start with one platform. You can master the nuances of that platform, and then expand to another if you want.

Create appealing content

5. Create Appealing Content

No one goes to social media to see sales copy and constant promotions from businesses. Occasional promotions that are tastefully done can be effective, but most of your content should be useful information or entertaining content. 

It also needs to be interesting and appeal to your target audience. If you want to attract digital nomad millennials, using a boring, academic-style voice isn’t going to work.

Show your personality through your content consistently to brand your social media page. When people identify with that brand, they’ll want to watch your page to see what comes next.

Post consistently

6. Post Consistently

Consistent posting keeps people interested. You provide more content for your followers to share, which can help new people find you.

If you post 10 times in one day and then don’t post for a week, your followers might forget about you. Some might unfollow you.

If someone new comes to your profile and sees you haven’t posted recently, they might decide not to follow you.

Consistency helps grow your content and keeps you fresh in everyone’s feed to keep your brand in their minds.

Engage followers

7. Engage Followers

Social media isn’t just about pushing content out to followers. It’s about interacting in a meaningful way.

When people comment on your posts, they want you to acknowledge them and respond. That’s how you build relationships that turn them into customers.

Using a call-to-action on your posts encourages people to get involved. That could be as simple as posing a question or creating a poll.

Interact with other pages

8. Interact With Other Pages

Don’t just focus on your own social media profile. Follow and engage with others in your field or related industries.

Think about where your potential followers spend time. If you sell cooking supplies, think about recipe creators and food bloggers. If your business sells products for busy moms, look at the mom bloggers and social groups for moms.

When you interact with those pages, don’t promote yourself. Instead, offer advice or make helpful comments.

Other users will see your comments and might check out your profile. If they like what they see, they’ll start following.

Promote through other platforms

9. Promote Through Other Platforms

Use the platforms you’re already using to promote your new social media page. If you’re on Instagram but just started your Facebook page, let your Instagram followers know about your new page.

If you don’t have any business social media accounts yet, promote your new pages on your personal social media accounts. While you can’t expect all of your personal acquaintances to follow you, some may give your page a like to support you.

Do you have an established company website? Include prominent links to your social media profiles. Website visitors can click those links to quickly find you on social media.

Post a sign in your brick and mortar store with your social media handles. This encourages in-person shoppers to find you online.

If you have an established email subscriber list, send an email with your social media handles, and encourage people to follow you there.

Be genuine

10. Be Genuine

It’s easy to spot someone who’s not genuine on social media. Let your personality and your company’s branding show through in your social media profiles and posts.

If you try too hard and simply copy everyone else, you won’t likely get many followers. The people who do follow likely won’t be engaged.

Grow From No Social Media Presence

When you’re starting with no social media presence, growth can feel slow and impossible. But consistent, strategic steps help you gradually add genuine, engaged followers that boost your business.

Are you working on growing your online presence? Explore our digital marketing services to see how we can help you grow faster.

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