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“Over half of restaurants spend less than 10% of their time on marketing, and just 12% have roles dedicated to it”


Search Engine Optimization: An Essential Ingredient for Success

The Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, comprising both large multinational firms and thousands of independent operators. New restaurants appear all the time, yet the reality is that few survives their first year of operation, and even fewer operate for longer than five years. According to the National Restaurant Society the sector is worth almost $800bn to the US economy.

In a world where technology plays a key role in most people’s lives it is surprising that so few businesses in the hospitality sector, and in the restaurant sector in particular fully embrace the importance of search engine optimisation within their marketing strategies.

The importance of SEO is in the numbers.
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a mechanism to improve the position of a website within the search results from search engines such as Google.

SEO is particularly important for Google rankings because Googles Bots, which search the internet for information, use complex algorithms to identify pages that are considered to be relevant and authoritative.

In today’s increasingly connected world people are always looking for places to go, things to do and places to eat. Google plays an important role in finding the best places to go. Nowadays information is just a few keystrokes away. Making sure your business appears on the first page is essential – but this is only part of the story. Reviews, feedback, maps, accessibility and a host of other information is essential to encourage consumers to walk through your door!
More than 500 factors determine keyword rankings.
People are taking more actions online than ever before.
Atastic reviews your restaurant website and provides you with an action plan.

Good SEO for restaurants isn’t just about securing a first page position on Google:

    1. Customers search for local businesses. Does your website appear on the front page for local searches?


    1. Information online needs to be accurate and up to date.


    1. Dedicated pages for different services provide an opportunity to further enhance SEO


    1. Great online reviews help to enhance the impact of great SEO. SEO is great for brand affirmation and recognition


    1. A well-optimized Google My Business Page can increase the chance of someone clicking through to your business


  1. Effective SEO for restaurants delivers new business and that means an increase in revenue

75% of clicks are made from the first page results of a Google search

46% of all Google searches are local

93% of online searches begin with a search engine

Our approach

Creating Better Content

For all our clients we focus on building content assets which support search engine optimisation activities. These include work on the core website pages, blog content and off-page content which includes inbound link building. Ensuring that the content is relevant for the target audience is essential.

Optimization: Creating Content for Two Audiences

As part of our initial review of a client’s website we carry out an audit to assess coding, design, and page-load speed as these are all factors which negatively impact a domain’s Google performance. We ensure that across an extensive range of measures that Google’s bots are able to find and interpret client website content.

Building Authority and Trust

To ensure that a website is seen as a trustworthy and relevant site for Google’s Bots it is essential to identify other high-performing sites with related content to be able to develop relationships with each publisher, providing content containing links back to our client’s blogs pages and core content pages.

Measurable Results

It is essential that the results of our work can be measured. We achieve this through Google Analytics and Google Search console.

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