The Ultimate SEO Content Strategy To Use For A Blog In 2020

  • 17 March 2020
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There are over 1.75 billion websites live right now, and counting. Out of these, it is estimated that 600 million of them have blogs.

With numbers like that, it can feel really intimidating to try and drive more traffic to your blog. How the heck is anyone going to find you?

Don’t fret! With the right SEO content strategy, over time you’ll prove your relevancy and authority to the search engines.

Let’s take a look at some SEO tips and tricks for optimizing your site’s blog.

have a responsive mobile friendly blog

Have a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Blog

In a world where more people use search engines on their mobile devices than they do on computers, it’s vital to have a website that is mobile-friendly.

Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites for search results displaying on mobile devices. This means that you’ll want to use a responsive design for your blog, meaning that your blog pages will have just one URL rather than two separate URLs.

optimize your meta description

Optimize Your Meta Description

The meta description of your post is the additional text that appears in the search engine results page (SERP). This description gives web-searchers more information about your page and helps them decide whether or not they’re going to click.

The maximum length for your meta description is usually around 300 characters. Use up all these characters, and use your long-tail keywords in the description.

use image alt text to optimize your images

Use Image Alt Text to Optimize Your Images

Search engines are far more capable of crawling text than images. Take advantage of the image alt text to help your images rank in the image results page of search engines.

Your image alt text should consist of a specific description of the image. This is a great place to include keywords but you shouldn’t overdo it. It’s best to keep this description under 125 characters.

link internally

Link Internally

Whenever possible, link to other blog posts, product pages, and information on your website within your blog posts.

This is a great way to keep visitors on your site for longer as well as communicating to the search engines that your content is relevant and authoritative.

focus on long tail keywords

Focus on One or Two Well Chosen Long-Tail Keywords

SEO has changed a lot over the years. While keywords were once one of the most important aspects of ranking highly in search engines, now keyword overuse (known as keyword stuffing) will hurt you more than it helps you.

One of the highest priorities of search engines is now all about whether or not you’re answering the intent of your reader.

Focus on optimizing the reader experience rather than forcing keywords into every other sentence. That being said, choose one or two long-tail keywords that are focused on the goals of your audience. Use keywords naturally, don’t force it.

use keywords on your blog

Use One or Two Keywords in Specific Parts of Your Blog

Again, you’ll want to choose only one or two keywords for your blog post and focus on the reader experience.

The best places to strategically plan your keywords are in the meta description, URL, title tag, and the headers and body of the post.

utilize google search console

Utilize Google’s Free Search Console

Using the free tool made available by Google known as the Search Console, you can learn a lot about how people are finding you.

Within their Search Console, there is a section called the Search Analytics Report. using this, you can get a better sense of the keywords that are bringing people to your blog content.

focus on evergreen content

Focus on Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that remains valuable over a long period of time. Ranking on search engines is not something that happens overnight, as it can take time to demonstrate authority and relevancy.

While it might be tempting to create posts about hot trending topics, these types of posts likely won’t longterm growth in your site’s traffic.

Another benefit of producing evergreen content is that you’ll be able to build a network of internal links that keeps viewers on your site longer and helps boost your search rankings.

tend to your older posts

Tend to Your Older Posts

Even if you’re focusing solely on creating evergreen content, you’ll still need to tend to your older blog articles to keep them fully updated. Sometimes it’ll even make sense to remove content that is simply outdated or no longer relevant. There are a number of reasons why it’s worth devoting quite a bit of time and energy to this task.

New blog posts will take a while to gain enough authority to settle highly on search engine results.

Updated older posts, on the other hand, you’ll feel the ranking benefits much more quickly. When you rank faster on SERP, your number of visitors and leads will increase.

Another great thing about this tactic is that it doesn’t take nearly as many resources to update existing content than it does to create brand new content.

Old statistics, no longer relevant product information and things that have changed in your industry are the types of things you’ll want to tend to in updating your existing content.

seo content strategy can result in higher conversions

SEO Content Strategy Can Result in Higher Traffic, Leads, and Conversions

At first, the world of SEO can seem really overwhelming. Using this selection of SEO best practices makes the task much more approachable. While it’s vital to pay attention to SEO in order to get the attention you deserve on search engines, one of the best things you can do is to focus on the user experience.

If you produce consistent, high-quality content that proves that displays your authority in your field, the traffic will come!

If you’re ready to improve your SEO, contact us to get started today! 

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