The Top 7 SEO Secrets for Your Small Business in 2020

  • 12 June 2020
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Over 67% of all clicks go to the top five organic results in search engine result pages (SERPS). That shows how important it is to optimize your pages on the main search engines. The best way to do so is through search engine optimization (SEO).

But what exactly is SEO? More importantly, what SEO secrets can you implement to start ranking highly on Google and other mainstream search engines?

These are some of the issues we discuss in this comprehensive guide. Read on to learn more.

what is SEO?

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO refers to the process of improving the quantity and quality of website traffic by increasing a webpage’s or website’s visibility to the users of an online search engine. It involves the growing of organic results. Organic results refer to unpaid results.

SEO ranking factors keep changing, and tactics that worked ten years ago may not cut it today. It’s the reason we’ve pulled together a few SEO strategies that can help you grow substantial traffic in 2020. By applying these simple SEO hacks, you should begin to reap the huge benefits when it comes to more traffic, more conversions, bigger lead generation, and improved sales.

Let’s get started.

awesome SEO secrets

Awesome SEO Secrets to Try Out 

Every small business with an online presence needs more traffic and more leads. With the following SEO tips, you can achieve just that.

pay attention to UX

1. Pay Attention to User Experience

Improving user experience for visitors to your business website is among the most important ranking factors on search engines. Top search engines have machine learning systems that monitor how users interact with your website and rank your webpages depending on that.

If a user clicks on a search result and quickly bounces from the site, the site immediately starts to lose ranking. On the other hand, if users spend more time on your website, you begin to gain ranking or remain at a higher ranking.

So how can you improve user experience with your website? Well, one way is to optimize around medium tail keywords. By so doing, search engines start to automatically rank you for the keyword.

Aim at improving the dwell time on your website, that is, how long visitors stay on your site. Three minutes or longer is great. Improve your click-through rate as well.

rewrite and improve

2. Rewrite and Improve Your Posts That Almost Rank High

Look for posts that rank near to the first page and overhaul them to increase the chances of these pages ranking better. There are many ways of doing so. For instance, you can add more details, statistics, examples, images, and contributor posts.

To improve the quality of a post, you’ll most likely increase its length and make the keyword usage natural. Make the page as interesting as possible. Pay attention to any connected subtopics which you can see on the search result pages.

make use of video

3. Make Use of Video

Few things are more effective when it comes to increasing traffic than video. Interestingly, many marketers still ignore its potential.

Many users are interested in running through a video but don’t have the patience to read an article. That’s because videos have good user engagement compared to written content. By 2021, over 80 percent of all online traffic will be online video.

Remember to focus on quality over quantity. Ensure that your videos have meaningful content that’s engaging and makes users want to stay on your website. 

Update the description and title of your older videos and keep them relevant and searchable. Optimize the quality of all of your videos, images, and graphics. Integrate your videos into other content on your website.

keep your content fresh

4. Keep Your Content Authoritative, Comprehensive, and Fresh 

The secret to getting searchers interested in your content is to create in-depth, long-form posts about a specific topic. Position your content as the kind search engines are looking for.

The truth is social sharing of online content has been declining over the years. Unless your content has staying power, it won’t do well in an age where content saturation is the norm. Currently, over 4.4 million blog posts get published per day.

The good news is that sites with a strong reputation still perform well. If you’re creating original content, your site will still gain links. 

Focus on longer content. Articles that are at least 2,000 words usually outrank shorter content. Also, ensure you’re using keywords that are closely related to the topic of your post.

Optimize user engagement

5. Optimize User Engagement

Whether you’re creating a new post or updating an existing one, your pages should be designed to maximize user engagement. There are many ways you can do that. These include:

Making sure that your content is easy to read. Utilize whitespace, headings and subheadings, relevant images, short paragraphs, and so on. You want to make your pages easier to absorb and maximize the time a user spends on your pages.

Include relevant links and offers on your pages. These links answer any questions that your readers may have and significantly reduce bounce rates.

Have multiple ways for visitors to absorb your content. Besides text, use images, videos, and infographics. Doing so helps capture the attention of your readers and keeps them more engaged in your content.

focus on mobile first

6. Focus on Mobile-First Indexing

Google and other search engines now consider the mobile version of a website to be its primary version. Of course, the desktop version of your business website can still be used if you don’t have a mobile version. However, not having a mobile version will significantly affect the ranking of your site.

Aim at a responsive and mobile-friendly blog. That means having an “m.” URL. Once you switch to such a site, Google will simply update the annotation to your site to indicate that your site is now mobile-friendly.

SEO is the secret

SEO Is the Secret to Drawing Huge Traffic to Your Website

Now that you know how to use SEO for your business, it’s time to get started. With the SEO secrets we recommended in this guide, you should begin to notice more traffic, leads, and conversions in no time.

Would you like assistance with your digital marketing strategy? Register for an SEO consultation today to learn what we offer.

Arnjen is the founder of Atastic and created the company when he noticed that there was a need for further development in the digital marketing industry. Arnjen started the agency to help website and digital product owners grow their business.

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