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Effective communication & understanding between the publisher, advertiser and end customer forms the core of every successful Affiliate Marketing strategy!

“A strategic arrangement to promote your brand/product/services indirectly via influencers and business partnerships.”

As the name suggests, Affiliate marketing is centered around the affiliate partners. Now, these affiliates can be a business or an individual, for instance - a YouTuber, a blogger or an ecommerce store, or a review website owner and so on. As an affiliate marketing partner, they work as a bridge between the business and the customer. They help in the promotion of a product or service by rewarding the audience that visits their channel or website searching for related information, making a specific purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or comparing two products, etc. In simple words, these influencers & webmasters motivate and persuade the audience on their platform to invest in a product or service.

Affiliate marketing, in theory, is a simple sailing process. Here a business just needs to align with a few online media stars and presto, instant promotion! But when we start to scratch the surface, it’s a whole different story altogether.

There are various determinants that must be kept in mind before proceeding like - the commission rate of the affiliate, the authority of the website, the quality of content being produced by the affiliate partner, the image of the affiliate partner and more. Engaging in these complexities without proper expertise can deface a company’s image and impact the sales.

Handling, managing and executing a clever affiliate marketing strategy, a business would require the help of a professional. Atastic has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the subject, we can provide you with the right guidance for formulating and initiating a streamlined affiliate marketing campaign.


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For any business, profitability is a crucial aim. Atastic helps you in obtaining the right means to achieve that aim. Although not directly but, promotions play a key role in boosting the sales of any business and we have the right blueprint to promote your business through powerful affiliate marketing techniques. We prepare the necessary groundwork for formulating and perpetuating an effective affiliate marketing strategy through:

  • Researching industry-relevant trusted websites and channels
  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships with affiliates
  • Working closely with all the affiliates and updating them about the policies and product of the company on a regular basis

  • When combined with powerful search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, best email marketing practices and cost-effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, your Affiliate Marketing campaign can offer rich-dividends. Our skilled team of professional marketers single-mindedly works towards building an extensive network of affiliate partners for you resulting in improved sales volumes and brand value.

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    Atastic is able to take over your full affiliate management process. We have the know-how to make the affiliates go the extra mile and promote your products above and beyond. We have contact within the best affiliate networks and can get your products listed in these networks for the widest possible range. With us your products will get a much wider range of visibiltiy.