How to Write a Good Article for Search Engine Optimization

  • 6 January 2020
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Everyone wants to know how to write a good article. If you know how to produce high-quality web content for your online blog, you’ll be able to profit from it. But, there are many things you need to know before you can launch your successful blog. Do you want to learn more about how to write a good article for your website? Check out the below to explore how to improve your SEO.

How to Write an Article for SEO

  1. Know Your Audience Better Than Anyone.
  2. Always Include Images.
  3. Establish Trust With Facts and Stats.
  4. Display Your Expert Knowledge.
  5. Add Compelling Headlines.
  6. Eliminate Any Fluff in Your Article.
  7. Review Spelling and Grammar.
  8. Optimize the Length of Your Article.
  9. Always Add Internal Links to Other Web Pages.
  10. Always Use Plain English.
know your audience

Know Your Audience Better Than Anyone

How can you ensure that you’re writing articles that your audience wants to read unless you know who your audience is? Putting together a profile of your typical reader can help you narrow down your niche. You need to target people like this with your content. What are the demographics of your audience? A younger generation will want to read about different topics compared with boomers. Do you know the gender of your target audience? The gender could impact the tone of your writing or the topics you select to write over. If you are going to truly become successful at writing articles for optimizing your web page on search engines, you need to know your audience better than anyone.

always include images

Always Include Images

Writing a good article isn’t only about the words you use. You also need to include images if you want to receive a bigger audience. Blogs with relevant images get around 94 percent more views compared with those without any images. While people want blog content, they focus on images. Make sure your pictures are always high quality and relevant to the content. You can also include descriptions of the images to ensure that your pictures are also SEO optimized.

establish trust

Establish Trust With Facts and Stats

There is a lot of nonsense online. You need to demonstrate that you can be trusted. To become trusted isn’t easy. But, make sure to include facts and stats in any of your articles is essential. By backing up your words with links to other web pages, you can show that you have done your homework. Becoming trustworthy is essential if you want your readers to trust what you say is the truth.

display expert knowledge

Display Your Expert Knowledge

You can also build trust between you and your readers by consistently providing interesting and engaging articles. It is showing that you have the expert knowledge that can help them understand a problem or issue. If you want to become a source on search engines, you need to display your expert knowledge. Make it unique to stand out even more!

add compelling headlines

Add Compelling Headlines

The headlines on your articles are also essential if you want to rise in the search engine results pages. Your headlines should always include keywords and phrases. These are the search terms that your target audience use. A clever pun may sound great. But, ensure that you have always optimized your headlines for SEO as well. Headlines can also help your readers to skim your article. You’d be surprised by how many people spend only a few seconds reading each paragraph.

no fluff

Eliminate Any Fluff in Your Article

You don’t want to further contribute to the fluff and clickbait on the internet. You need to be providing quality content people want to read. That means that whenever possible, you have to eliminate fluff in your articles: no repetitions or unnecessary words or phrases. Eliminating fluff will help readers to follow your articles better. You don’t want people getting confused because you use hundreds of words when you could use a few.

check grammar

Review Spelling and Grammar

You don’t want to publish your article if it is full of spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Remember, it’s essential to review your work before you post anything. But this isn’t easy for yourself. That’s why it’s always good to hire an editor. You could also ask someone else to proofread your articles for you. Moreover, there are numerous grammar checkers online that can help you to highlight any typos and mistakes.

article length

Optimize the Length of Your Article

There is no right or wrong length of an article. It depends on your audience. Some people say that you should limit your article to around 300 words. But, if you want to go in-depth, this isn’t enough. Just remember that only average people only read around 28 percent of the article that you post. Attention spans may not be enough to handle 2,000 word long reads.

internal links

Always Add Internal Links to Other Web Pages

You need to build links on your website to ensure that your audience stays on your website for longer. That’s why internal links to relevant web pages can help. If you have previously written about a similar topic, link to the web page. You should probably include approximately two-three links to other web pages on your website every time you post an article.

plain english

Always Use Plain English

You don’t want to confuse your audience with unnecessarily complicated language. There is usually a simple way to say the same thing. The more people you can reach with your content, the better chance you have of being able to increase your ranking on search engines. How to Write a Good Article for SEO? Have you been wondering how to write a good article for SEO? You need to be able to appeal to human beings and search engines simultaneously. From ensuring that you include images in your articles to keeping your item short and straightforward, there are many ways to boost your SEO ranking. Do you want to know more about how to boost your SEO strategy? Contact us immediately to learn everything you need to know about SEO.

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